List of official contacts distributing BYE BYE COVID

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Production Region: Germany

zone 1

Countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, France.

Languages: German, English, French.

Contact Jasmin Seifert

Phone: +49 7626974970-162

Assigned Email:

Editorial Voedia

Production Region: Spain

zone 2

Countries: Spain and Canary Islands.

Languages: Spanish.

Contact Dolores Unzu

Phone: +34 659 777483

Assigned Email:

Clean hands NJ / Decotone surfaces

Production Region: Ecuador

zone 3

Countries: USA, Canada and Alaska, %Ecuador, Australia, Puerto Rico

Languages: English and Spanish.

Contact Magaly Brito

Phone: +1 2013150389

Assigned Email:

Vidabust Sas de Cv

Production Region: Mexico

zone 4

Countries: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize.

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact Fernanda Castillo

Contact Fernanda Castillo

Assigned Email:

Scarlet Barragán​

Production Region: Mexico

zone 4

Countries: Mexico

Languages: Spanish

Contact Scarlet Barragán

Contact +525543556221

Assigned Email:

Luz del Mar

Production Region: Colombia

zone 5

Countries: Colombia, Panama, %Ecuador, %Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic.

Languages: Spanish

Contact Luz del Mar Escobar.

Phone: +57 3165321536

Assigned Email:

Karla Revollo

Production Region: Bolivia.

zone 6

Countries: Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay

Languages: Spanish

Contact Karla Revollo

Phone: +59 177251512

Assigned Email:


Production Region: Brazil

zone 7

Countries: Brazil.

Languages: Português



Assigned Email:


Production Region: Japón

zone 8

Countries: Japan, North Korea, South Korea, China, Israel. South Korea, China, Israel.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Contact Antonio Añi

Phone: +49 7626974970-162

Assigned Email:>